9 min read

    So you want Database Versioning?

    Tim Sehn |

    Here at DoltHub, we've had a lot of success with our "So you want..." series of blog posts helping people find Dolt when they are looking for it. Dolt is a lot of things. Dolt is a version controlled database, a Git database, Git for data, data…

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  1. 14 min read

    Initializing Large Static Maps in Go

    This article discusses the technical details of static initialization for map data in Go binaries, and some alternative strategies for dealing with the performance impacts. It's part of our our technical Golang blog series. We publish a new arti

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    4 min read

    Running a Production Database

    The database is the heart of most applications. It's where the data that drives your web applications lives. It's where your users' data is stored. The data in your database may be used in countless ways such as analytics, machine learning, and…

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  3. 5 min read

    The Future of the Dolt Command Line Interface

    Git and MySQL had a baby, and it's called Dolt. That wasn’t always the case though. Let’s talk a little about Dolt’s history, and where we’re going with the Dolt Command Line Interface (CLI). In The Beginning Dolt started out as a command

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  4. 8 min read

    MySQL Triggers: How and why with examples

    MySQL allows you to define triggers on your tables that will do additional work or validation every time data in the table is changed. This tutorial will teach you how to use triggers and give you some ideas about what they're good for.

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  5. 2 min read

    Better JSON Support

    In case you haven't heard, we're now Dolt 1.0 !. However, we're not finished. In this blog, we'll go over some recent improvements to Dolt's JSON handling. Additionally, I'll go through some examples of JSON handling to showcase the new functiona

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  6. 5 min read

    Announcing DoltLab v1.0.0, now backed by Dolt

    In early May we announced Dolt v1.0.0 , the first stable release of Dolt, signaling that Dolt is ready for production use. Shortly thereafter we revealed that DoltHub.com now runs on Dolt. In my previous blog post I explain how we transitio

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    7 min read

    Replicating Unexpected Behavior

    I'm an engineer at DoltHub , and for the past month, I've been working on matching Dolt 's regular expression capabilities with MySQL. This is important for us, as Dolt is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, that gives you all the versioning

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    4 min read

    Hosted DoltDB Launches Replicas

    Dolt is Git for Data. It's a MySQL compatible database with Git-style versioning and branching built in. We launched Hosted Dolt a little over a year ago and since then we've released additional metrics, improved logs, created a sql workbench

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    5 min read

    Introducing Dolt Events

    Dolt is a version-controlled relational database that supports MySQL features. Today, we are excited to announce that we are adding support for MySQL Events . These are tasks that run on a specific schedule, such as executing a query statemen

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  10. 10 min read

    Writing and debugging integration tests of multiple processes with Golang

    This article discusses the technical details of writing integration tests that manage multiple sub-processes in Golang, including attaching debuggers to the new processes. It's part of our our technical Golang blog series. We publish a new article

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  11. BOUNTY
    4 min read

    Community-built hospital price database hits 400 hospitals

    Hospital price data is pretty damn tedious to collect . There thousands of different formats for these files, which by and large contain the same kind of data, just phrased differently. That makes it expensive to buy and time consuming to make.

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  12. USE CASE
    4 min read

    Just Dolt

    Nike is synonymous with the "Just Do It" ad campaign. Some people think "Dolt" is "DoIt", "Do It" with the space removed. Notice there is no difference in some fonts, like the one we use for this blog. No one would name their database Dolt, as in "

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    7 min read

    C to WASM to Go

    Sometimes, the most complicated solution may end up being the simplest. This sounds like a contradiction, but it depends on where a project's priorities lay. I'm an engineer here at DoltHub , and about 9 months ago I implemented collation su

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    6 min read

    Using DoltHub as a Remote for Hosted Dolt

    We have two web products for Dolt : DoltHub and Hosted Dolt . DoltHub is GitHub for Dolt and Hosted is AWS RDS for Dolt. Each product has different use cases depending on your goals, but there are also reasons to use DoltHub and Hos

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  15. 7 min read

    Your config file should be a database

    In my pre-startup life I worked at Google, a company that has some pretty incredible, internal-only technology that you won't find anywhere else. An entire engineering culture has developed around the availability of these technologies, and it's…

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  16. 19 min read

    DoltHub on Hosted Dolt

    For the past few months at DoltHub , we've been really excited about the release of Dolt 1.0 . If you missed it, it dropped last Friday May 5th. Dolt 1.0 is the first stable release of Dolt and guarantees forward storage compatibility, produ

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    7 min read

    Making Nautobot work with Dolt, again

    Dolt is a MySQL-compatible database that allows branching, diffing, and merging database changes. In this blog post, we will discuss how Dolt is being used with a network automation solution called Nautobot and the recent fixes we've had to ma

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    8 min read

    Getting Started: Hosted Dolt

    There are a bunch of ways to get started with Dolt , the word's first and only version controlled database . You can run Dolt locally as a version controlled database or as Git for Data . You can start using Dolt by sharing data on Do

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  19. 3 min read

    Dolt 1.0

    Today, we launched Dolt 1.0 , signaling that the world's first and only version controlled SQL database is ready for your production workloads. We started DoltHub in August 2018 with the idea that data sharin

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    4 min read

    Using dolt_ignore to Prevent Accidents

    Dolt is a MySQL compatible database with Git-style version control. Think of it as Git for Data : Git versions files, and Dolt versions tables. In its typical use case, users commit changes to the database, and in git-like fashion, those com

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