13 min read

    So you want Database Versioning?

    Tim Sehn |

    Here at DoltHub, we've had a lot of success with our "So you want..." series of blog posts helping people find Dolt when they are looking for it. Dolt is a lot of things. Dolt is a version controlled database, a Git database, Git for data, data…

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    5 min read

    Dolt now supports cherry-pick

    Looking for a way to manage versions and work with history of your structured data? Dolt is a version controlled relational database that combines the version control features of Git with the relational database features of MySQL. Today, we're…

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  2. 9 min read

    How to Chunk Your Database into a Merkle Tree

    Dolt is a next-generation SQL database with Git-like version control features. It's the only SQL database with branches that you can diff, merge, and sync. The core of Dolt's data model is a Merkle Tree index called a Prolly Tree. Prolly Trees draw…

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  3. SQL
    11 min read

    Grammar Crawler

    Intro Testing a database management system is a challenging endeavor for many reasons. DBMSs are large, complex applications with a lot of focus on code optimization and performance. SQL syntax is sprawling, with lots of dark corners, no lack of…

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  4. SQL
    4 min read

    Importing MySQL Dumps to Dolt

    Need version control on your existing database? Dolt is a SQL database that can replace your current database but gives you version control features just like Git. The easiest way to migrate a MySQL database is to dump and import to Dolt. We always…

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    4 min read

    Announcing DoltLab v0.5.0

    It's been six months since we launched DoltLab, the self-hosted version of DoltHub, and a lot has happened in this short amount of time. DoltLab is quickly becoming one of our most compelling product offerings, and we've seen customer interest and…

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    3 min read

    Jails Bounty Retrospective

    Dolt is the first version controlled database in the world. It looks like a database, but can be branched, merged, and cloned like any Git repository. A year and a half ago we launched data bounties and used Dolt's cell-lineage features to track each…

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    2 min read

    $10,000 Museum Collections Bounty

    Announcing the $10,000 museum collections bounty It’s the year of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. Which is also the promise of open data. For the museum-collections bounty we’re hoovering up collections data from museums everywhere so that we…

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    20 min read

    Getting Started: Version Controlled Database

    Dolt started as a data sharing tool, "Git for Data". Dolt's original focus was implementing Git-style version control on tables instead of files to enable users to share data like they share code. DoltHub was a place on the internet to share Dolt…

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  9. SQL
    5 min read

    90% Faster Tests With Dolt Stored Procedures

    Dolt is a relational database that uses a custom storage layer and SQL engine to version data with Git-semantics. Every layer in the stack relies on thousands of tests to maintain MySQL compatibility and correctness. The surface area of MySQL and Git…

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  10. VIDEO
    1 min read

    How to Contribute to Dolt

    Fix Dolt Issues In this video, we show you how to start contributing to our open-source database, Dolt. We love when people start helping with any of our open issues. Check out the ones labeled Good First Issue as a place to get started. Head over to our …

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    11 min read

    Adding images to our Gatsby blog for social media sharing

    Adding featured images to links shared on social media is a great way to drive website traffic. An image is worth 1,000 clever titles. If you're lucky, you could even go viral with the right picture. But the adding featured images with Gatsby can be…

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    5 min read

    Hosted Dolt Infrastructure

    Dolt is a MySQL compatible database with Git like features. Until recently, if you wanted to run Dolt as your OLTP database you had to stand up your own instances deployed with the Dolt binary, and then handle all your own monitoring, alerting, and…

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  13. 5 min read

    Dolt Diff vs. Sqlite Diff

    If you haven't heard by now, Dolt is a version-controlled database. It's the only SQL database you can diff, branch, and merge. Dolt was engineered from the ground-up to support efficient versioning, which is made possible by its novel indexing data…

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  14. VIDEO
    1 min read

    Find Open Data on DoltHub

    Where's the Free Data? The DoltHub team has been hard at work making it easier to find open data on DoltHub. In this video, we show where to find free data on DoltHub. You can also now see how active these databases are with the number of forks and…

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  15. SQL
    9 min read

    Let's Open-Source Web3 SQL Data

    Dolt is Git for data, the world's only SQL database that you can branch, merge, clone, fork, push and pull just like a git repository. After studying the Web3 data ecosystem here, we've become fascinated with blockchain data and how to analyze it…

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  16. 4 min read

    What hospitals charge when your insurance can't say no

    How hospitals price-gouged insurance companies during the COVID-19 pandemic What happens when your insurance company gets a price that it can't refuse? And how can this even happen? Aren't insurance companies notorious for turning down hospital bills…

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    18 min read

    So you want a Decentralized Database?

    The term "decentralized" is mentioned more and more lately. There's been a 3-4X increase in google searches for the term since 2017 before which searches were relatively constant. What is a Decentralized Database? A Blockchain is often referred to as a decentralized database. What do people mean when they say "decentralized database"? What are the core features of a decentralized computer system? Are all blockchains decentralized databases? Do other, non-blockchain, decentralized databases exist? This blog attempts…

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  18. VIDEO
    1 min read

    Get Data off DoltHub with CSVs

    How to get Data off DoltHub with out Dolt In this video, we show you the different ways you can download data from a Dolt database on DoltHub. On DoltHub, you can download the most current version of the database or any past version by going to the…

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  19. 7 min read

    Is DoltLab right for you?

    Chances are you've heard us say that Dolt is "Git for data". For those who don't know, Dolt is a versioned SQL database with Git-style cloning, branching, merging, and diffing. Since Dolt's inception in 2018, we've pushed this analogy even further…

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  20. 5 min read

    The Web3 Data Ecosystem

    Introduction Dolt is a decentralized database. Dolt uses the Git protocol of decentralization with SQL database tables. Anyone can clone a Dolt database and make reads and writes offline. When that person is ready to share her changes, she can push…

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