8 min read

    So you want Database Version Control?

    Tim SehnTim Sehn |

    Database Version Control is a poorly ranked Google search. For me, it starts with a horizontally scroll-able section on code version control: irrelevant. Then, next up is ads for Redgate, Liquibase, and verta.ai. The rest of the non-sponsored…

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  1. 7 min read

    How to Publish Winget and Chocolatey Packages with Github Actions

    Greetings! Today we are excited to share that we now publish Dolt releases on both winget and Chocolatey, making Dolt even easier to install for our Windows users. Prior to this, Windows users had to visit Dolt's releases page to download and run the…

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  2. 5 min read

    Dolt. The database for...

    The genesis for DoltHub the company was a persistent question starting in 2013. Why is there no place on the internet to get access to interesting, maintained data? DoltHub's thesis was adding branch/merge to data in some way similar to what we had…

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  3. 6 min read

    Comparing Dolt Backups with Remotes

    Whether due to clumsiness, physical damage, or malicious actors, the worst thing that can happen to your data is irretrievable loss. But this is a feature release, not a postmortem, and we are excited to announce Dolt backups! The CLI now includes…

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  4. 11 min read

    Dolt roadmap retrospective

    A few months ago I got interviewed by a substack on open source development about Dolt. One of the questions I was glad to answer was what motivates me to contribute to Dolt. Well there's the money, obviously. But more than that, it's being part of a…

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  5. 4 min read

    Edit like a Spreadsheet V1

    DoltHub is a place on the internet to share, discover, and collaborate on Dolt databases. For about a year we've been working on adding more ways to edit data on DoltHub. Edit like a spreadsheet has been one of the most asked about features on our…

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  6. 5 min read

    Dolt + Aktify: Versioned Data Ingestion

    Dolt is a version controlled database. How would one use such a thing? Do you gather data from a bunch of sources? Is data quality an issue? Do you detect defects at ingestion or do defects manifest downstream as production errors? How long does it…

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  7. 2 min read

    Dolt and DoltHub now initialize branch `main`

    Today we are announcing that with the release of Dolt v0.30.0, both the Dolt CLI and DoltHub will initialize branch instead of branch . This change is backwards compatible, so using this Dolt version with older databases will work normally. However…

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  8. 4 min read

    Somebody Click Me

    Somebody Click Me!!! Dolt is a MySQL compatible database with Git-like versioning semantics. Dolt is fast becoming a complete drop-in replacement for MySql. More specifically, this is what Dolt adds to a familiar SQL database: time travel: query the…

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  9. 6 min read

    Announcing Nautobot + Dolt

    Last month we published the second blog in a series about running Django on Dolt. Using Dolt as an application-backing store is a new direction for the product. It represents a shift in thinking from "Dolt is a format" to "Dolt is a database". Today…

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  10. 4 min read

    How To Use Dolt SQL Remotes

    TLDR We recently introduced a new Dolt feature: interacting with remotes from SQL server sessions. Dolt is a modern relational database that supports Git style fetch, pull, and push semantics. Although originally developed for the command line, we…

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  11. 2 min read

    US Schools Bounty Retrospective

    Our $10,000 US Schools bounty just completed. We assembled a cleaned, free database of US schools. Please use it and let us know what you think. How did we do? This bounty was a little strange because it turned out multiple relatively large public…

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  12. 8 min read

    So you want Database Version Control?

    Database Version Control is a poorly ranked Google search. For me, it starts with a horizontally scroll-able section on code version control: irrelevant. Then, next up is ads for Redgate, Liquibase, and verta.ai. The rest of the non-sponsored…

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  13. 14 min read

    Managing State with React and Apollo Client

    DoltHub is a Next.js application written in Typescript and backed by a GraphQL server. We use Apollo's built-in integration with React to manage our GraphQL data within our React components. If you want to know more about DoltHub's architecture…

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  14. 7 min read

    Announcing Janky Hosted DoltHub Databases

    We all know that self-hosting a database is a challenging and daunting task. The hosting environment needs to have all the database's dependencies, must have the proper user/group permissions, and requires a slew of other nuanced, properly configured…

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  15. 13 min read

    2020 Census

    Having accurate information on where people live within a country is of critical importance to the function of that country's government. The United States constitution mandates that congress hold a census every 10 years. It is a labor-intensive and…

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  16. 16 min read

    How to Fix a Bug in Dolt's SQL Engine

    Dolt is an open-source SQL database that has Git-like functionality, including branch, merge, clone, push and pull. As we attract more and more users with various use cases and ways of integrating Dolt into their existing workflows and systems, it's…

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  17. 3 min read

    Announcing the $10,000 US Businesses Bounty

    This guest blog post is by Spacelove, a top performer of several of our former bounties and winner of many thousands of dollars in prize money. He agreed to be the coordinator and judge for this new data bounty. Announcing the $10,000 US Businesses…

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  18. 7 min read

    A nasty bit of undefined timezone behavior in Golang

    Go is a great language. Really, it is! We complain about the rough edges, but on the whole it's been a great choice for us, and we're not sorry we picked it. But just for fun, let's talk about some of those rough edges at length. That was a pot…

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  19. 5 min read

    Faster than MySQL? An investigation

    Introduction At DoltHub, we are obsessed with Dolt's performance. In the past we've written about Sysbench, our primary benchmarking mechanism for comparing our performance to MySQL's. Every time we run a release of Dolt we run a CI-job that executes…

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  20. 7 min read

    Unleash the Fuzz

    Dolt is a SQL database with Git-style versioning. With each new version of Dolt, we increase the number of supported SQL features. We're moving toward our goal of being a complete drop-in replacement for MySQL, while adding all of the versioning…

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