8 min read

    So you want Database Version Control?

    Tim SehnTim Sehn |

    Database Version Control is a poorly ranked Google search. For me, it starts with a horizontally scroll-able section on code version control: irrelevant. Then, next up is ads for Redgate, Liquibase, and verta.ai. The rest of the non-sponsored…

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  1. 4 min read

    Wrapping up collaborative PDAP data bounty

    Dolt is a MySQL database that can branch, diff and merge. Every 6 weeks we launch a data bounty and pay contributors to build unique, public databases. Payment is based on the percent of cell edits a participant makes. This Wednesday, July 7, we…

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  2. 4 min read

    Announcing the $10,000 Menus Data Bounty

    If you aren’t yet familiar with Dolt and DoltHub, Dolt is a MySQL database that can branch, diff and merge. DoltHub hosts those databases on the web. We are currently running data bounties, a string of collaborative database projects in which…

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  3. 3 min read

    Manage by Blog Post

    Any frequent visitor to DoltHub knows we publish a lot of blog posts. How many? Three per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Everyone at the company writes them. Why do we do that? This blog post will answer why. A blog post about writing blog…

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  4. 4 min read

    Stripping Features to Improve Write Performance

    When we began working on Dolt in 2018 we leveraged Noms, an open source project that gave us efficient diff and merge capabilities. The company that had built Noms, Attic Labs, pitched it to developers as a decentralized application database. Noms is…

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  5. 2 min read

    Hitting 99% Correctness for our SQL Database

    Dolt is a SQL database with Git-style versioning. One of our biggest priorities is ensuring that Dolt is a drop in replacement for any MySQL database. That means any query that can be run on a MySQL database must run correctly on a Dolt as well. To…

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  6. 6 min read

    The Search for Dolt Adopters and the Ideal Customer Profile

    Hi, I'm New Here So for those of you that are new here too and I hope there are many of you, Dolt is a database with Git-like features. In Marvel terms, we took your standard base and gave it superpowers. You can branch, merge, and collaborate just…

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  7. 9 min read

    Versioning Google Sheets With Dolt and GitHub Actions

    Introduction We will learn how to version control Google Sheets data using Dolt and GitHub Actions today. This is intended for teams who might benefit from a Pull-Request process for managing Google Sheets data changes, complete with strong typing…

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  8. 7 min read

    Copying all of MySQL's dumbest decisions

    Dolt is Git for data, a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, and merge. Those are the features you won't find in any other SQL database. But what about the features you can find in any other database? What if you need those to work in Dolt…

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  9. 9 min read

    Change Data Capture With Kedro and Dolt

    Introduction We are pleased to introduce a Kedro-Dolt plugin, a collaboration between Quantum Black Labs and DoltHub designed to expand the data versioning abilities of data scientists and engineers. You will find this useful if you are interested in…

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  10. 12 min read

    Better Data with Great Expectations + Dolt

    Background An explosion of data driven products and business processes is creating an urgent need for best practices to ensure data reaching end users is high quality. This data could be in the form of machine learning models, combining upstream data…

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  11. 7 min read

    Dolt is a Database

    Aaron, Brian and I founded DoltHub as Liquidata in 2018. Our mission was to add liquidity to the data market. How could we get more data shared? Our main hypothesis was adding branch/merge functionality as in source code to data would facilitate…

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  12. 7 min read

    Django and Dolt

    Dolthub was started in 2018 to create a place on the internet to access interesting, maintained data. That vision drove us to build Dolt, a versioned, syncable data format. It's "Git for Data". This year we launched data bounties as the logical…

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  13. 6 min read

    DoltHub's Office Return

    DoltHub has an office again. We're here on 2nd street in downtown Santa Monica. Whether or not to return to the office seems to be a topic of interest in the technology community. This blog entry is our take on remote vs in office work developed for…

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  14. 10 min read

    Upleveling Flyte’s Data Lineage Using Dolt

    Introduction Dolt and Flyte joined forces to build two data integrations. Dolt is a SQL database that supports Git Versioning. Flyte is a workflow orchestrator for creating and evolving machine learning processes and mission-critical data. When…

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  15. 5 min read

    Hospital Price Transparency V2 Bounty Retrospective

    Last Wednesday, May 27, we completed our fifth data bounty and first V2 bounty. The focus of the bounty was US hospital prices. We had run a bounty for hospital prices that ended March 1. We loved the results and wanted to see what we could do with a…

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  16. 3 min read

    Data Bounty for Police Data Accessibility Project

    PDAP are early Dolt adopters. Their open data mission aligns with DoltHub's and we're sponsoring a bounty to help get their project off the ground. This post goes through the mission, the bounty and ways you can contribute. The problem PDAP has a…

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  17. 10 min read

    Improving DoltHub's Web Query Performance

    One of my favorite things about DoltHub is that users can navigate to any public database it hosts and run real time SQL queries against it. Where other open data sites only provide documentation about the data with a link to download ZIP or CSV…

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  18. 3 min read

    Services and Support For Dolt

    Background Dolt is a SQL database with Git-like version control features. We recently published a handful of case studies illustrating how companies are making use of Dolt in production settings. Of the companies that are using Dolt in production…

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  19. 8 min read

    Transactions in a Database with Branches

    Dolt is Git for data, a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, and merge. Today we're excited to announce the alpha release of SQL transactions! This blog will cover how transactions work in Dolt and how this differs from more traditional…

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  20. 8 min read

    Dolt Powered Bartender

    I've always enjoyed working on hardware projects. Some past projects include a dual analog controller that worked with my iPhone, a "Make it Rain" machine that threw out a real dollar bill every time you swiped on your phone, and a pixel art painting…

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