9 min read

    So you want Database Versioning?

    Tim Sehn |

    Here at DoltHub, we've had a lot of success with our "So you want..." series of blog posts helping people find Dolt when they are looking for it. Dolt is a lot of things. Dolt is a version controlled database, a Git database, Git for data, data…

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    9 min read

    Three-Way Merges in Dolt: Modeling Schema Conflicts

    Dolt is the world's first and only version-controlled SQL database. Its powerful branch and merge model is exposed through a familiar Git-style interface. In fact, Dolt's connection to Git goes beyond interface compatibility. At the storage laye

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  2. 4 min read

    Connecting to a Database With Branches

    Dolt is a MySQL compatible database with Git-style version control. This means that you can branch, merge, and diff your data just like you would with code. These are powerful features, but they can be confusing to users who aren't used to workin

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  3. 13 min read

    Working with AWS Remotes

    Almost two years ago, my colleague Brian blogged about how to use Dolt with different types of supported remotes . The most accessible type of Dolt remote is a database on DoltHub , but, as outlined in that previous blog, there are a number of

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  4. 4 min read

    Rename our Database

    Naming products is hard. We wrote the world's first version controlled SQL database, which we called Dolt . We named it that way to pay homage to how Linus Torvalds says he named git: Torvalds sarcastically quipped about the name git (which

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    5 min read

    Why a database of hospital prices doesn't exist yet

    In 2021, a US executive order forced hospitals to publish all their insurance-negotiated rates in machine readable files. We think this data should be public, so we're crowdsourcing a single, fully open, MySQL-compatible database of it. You can tra

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    6 min read

    Dolt Architecture Introduction

    Dolt is the world's first version controlled SQL database. How would you build a version controlled SQL database? This article will start with some of the high level requirements, explain some possible architecture options, and then explain the…

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    3 min read

    Cloning a Hosted Database

    Hosted DoltDB is for running online, production Dolt databases. Since we launched Hosted last year, we've been adding new features to offer a streamlined user experience and easy access to Dolt's powerful database and version control features.

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    5 min read

    Keep Calm And Panic

    Dolt is a SQL database with MySQL’s syntax and Git’s versioning semantics. Dolt is run as a service, and when things go wrong we prefer SQL errors to crashed servers. This was the basic premise behind Brian’s painstaking rewrite of Noms panics

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    6 min read

    Using SQLAlchemy for Dolt Time Travel

    A customer was struggling with how to use standard ORM tools, like SQLAlchemy, to access Dolt time travel features across schema changes. One specific problem area is that combining app ORM/schema tools with Dolt time travel features has been

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    7 min read

    Accessing Dolt Data with the Postgres mysql_fdw

    Dolt is a full featured SQL database which supports Git-like version control features, including branch, diff, merge, clone, push and pull. It's wire protocol and supported SQL dialect are based on MySQL. Here at DoltHub, it's not uncommon for o

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    9 min read

    Introducing dolt_column_diff

    Dolt is a version controlled relational database that combines the version control features of Git and the relational database features of MySQL. One of the features that leverages the powerful versioned history Dolt tracks is our Database Hist

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    17 min read

    Adding a GPT assistant to the Dolt CLI

    ChatGPT is the talk of the town with the release of the immensely powerful GPT 4 model. Unless you've been living under a rock with no WiFi, you've certainly heard about it by now, and probably played with it yourself. Many people are excited, some

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    13 min read

    Versioned MySQL Replicas on Hosted Dolt

    Today we're showing how to use Hosted Dolt to run a versioned MySQL replica . Adding Dolt to your existing MySQL database as a replica is a great way to easily try out Dolt with your own data. As we'll see in the demo, the changes from MySQL f

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    2 min read

    Introducing the Commit Graph on DoltHub: Visualizing Commit History

    For those new to Dolt and DoltHub , Dolt is Git for data. Git versions files. Dolt versions SQL tables. DoltHub is a place on the internet to share Dolt databases. We're excited to announce the release of a new DoltHub feature: the commi

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    11 min read

    Creating a Webapp with Hosted Dolt and AWS Amplify

    In 2018 when we began building Dolt , we wanted to bring version control functionality to your datasets. We thought that the ability to branch and merge changes to data would allow for greater collaboration, resulting in higher quality data. Over

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  16. GOLANG
    9 min read

    SwissMap: A smaller, faster Golang Hash Table

    Today's blog is announcing SwissMap , a new Golang hash table based on SwissTable that is faster and uses less memory than Golang's built-in map. We'll cover the motivation, design and implementation of this new package and give you some reaso

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    8 min read

    Debugging Dolt's SQL Analyzer

    I'm new to Dolt, both as a user and as an employee. Since I'm new here, I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Neil 👋. You can look at my history on LinkedIn, but what matters is that I'd describe myself as developer obsessed. I've spent

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    6 min read

    Introducing DOLT_PATCH()

    Dolt is a version controlled relational database that is a combination of the version control features of Git and the relational database features of MySQL. Today, we announce another new feature, the DOLT_PATCH() table function . This featu

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  19. SQL
    14 min read

    Debugging Slow SQL Queries

    Dolt is the only version controlled relational database. Like if MySQL and Git had a baby, this baby also inherited the trauma of both parents. Today we will be talking about the SQL half. Our users send us increasingly complicated queries in ne

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  20. BOUNTY
    5 min read

    Price transparency is broken

    Last year I wrote about how much new health insurance data spilled onto the web ( petabytes ). It turned out that for practical purposes most of the rates could probably be discarded , with the usable fraction probably being less than 10%. Bu

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