9 min read

    So you want Database Versioning?

    Tim Sehn |

    Here at DoltHub, we've had a lot of success with our "So you want..." series of blog posts helping people find Dolt when they are looking for it. Dolt is a lot of things. Dolt is a version controlled database, a Git database, Git for data, data…

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    1 min read

    Hosted Dolt Launches European Deployment Regions

    Introduction We are excited to announce that Hosted Dolt , the fully managed SQL database with Git-style versioning, has expanded its offering to include European regions on multiple cloud platforms. With this expansion, Hosted Dolt user

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    5 min read

    Have Postgres. Want Dolt. 2023 Edition.

    Note: We released a Postgres version of Dolt called DoltgreSQL . It's been over a year since I published the original Have Postgres. Want Dolt. article. Interest in a Postgres-flavored version of Dolt has not waned. On average, about o

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    23 min read

    Getting Started: SQLAlchemy and Dolt

    Here at DoltHub , we built Dolt , the world's first version controlled SQL database . Dolt is MySQL-compatible so all the tools you're used to using with MySQL work the same way with Dolt, like SQLAlchemy . SQLAlchemy is a popular Pyth

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    3 min read

    Embedded SQL Console in DoltHub's Documentation

    For those of you that are new, Dolt is a database that supports Git-style versioning. DoltHub is a place on the internet to share and collaborate on Dolt databases. We are excited to announce a new feature in our documentation that showcas

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    8 min read

    Coming Soon: Golang 1.21 🚀

    At DoltHub , we love Go! We're building DoltDB , an open-source SQL database engine with Git-like distributed version control, all implemented in Golang. (Actually... astute blog readers will remember that we have a little bit of C code in th

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  6. 6 min read

    How to Run DoltLab on Hosted Dolt

    In June of this year we released DoltLab v1.0.0 which uses Dolt as its default application database instead of PostgreSQL , providing out-of-the-box, version-controlled data for all of our DoltLab customers. Today, I'll cover how you can su

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    2 min read

    CSV Support for the Hosted Dolt Workbench

    Hosted DoltDB is for running online, production Dolt databases. Hosted comes with a built-in SQL Workbench . We recently added CSV support to the workbench, including uploading CSVs to update tables in your database and exporting query resul

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    10 min read

    How to use our hospital price database

    I'm staring down 400M rows of hospital prices that, to my knowledge, haven't been seen before by the public. At least not all in one place, and definitely not by someone like me, who's more used to avoiding medical bills than trying to make sense o

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    8 min read

    Transferring Data In and Out of Air-Gapped Networks

    A high security network can have what is called an "air gap" . An air-gapped network is a network where there are no physical connections to other networks. To get data in and out of an air-gapped network, someone physically must bring the data a

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  10. SQL
    18 min read

    Dolt Vs MySQL Vs Postgres

    Dolt was originally designed as a standalone CLI tool for supporting distributed asynchronous data sharing with the same primitives as Git. But we are now a database company. We still support data sharing with Git semantics but increasingly in a…

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    21 min read

    So you want Slowly Changing Dimension?

    Slowly changing dimension is a framework used to discuss database versioning . It can be used to simulate database version control . In the past, database version control needed to be simulated using slowly changing dimension because the t

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  12. SQL
    10 min read

    Automatic Dolt Commits with @@dolt_transaction_commit

    Dolt is the world's first fully-versioned SQL relational database. It enables you to branch, fork, diff, and merge your tables, and to time travel to any point in your data's history and examine how your data and schema have changed over time…

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  13. 14 min read

    Initializing Large Static Maps in Go

    This article discusses the technical details of static initialization for map data in Go binaries, and some alternative strategies for dealing with the performance impacts. It's part of our our technical Golang blog series. We publish a new arti

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  14. HOSTED
    4 min read

    Running a Production Database

    The database is the heart of most applications. It's where the data that drives your web applications lives. It's where your users' data is stored. The data in your database may be used in countless ways such as analytics, machine learning, and…

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  15. 5 min read

    The Future of the Dolt Command Line Interface

    Git and MySQL had a baby, and it's called Dolt. That wasn’t always the case though. Let’s talk a little about Dolt’s history, and where we’re going with the Dolt Command Line Interface (CLI). In The Beginning Dolt started out as a command

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  16. 8 min read

    MySQL Triggers: How and why with examples

    MySQL allows you to define triggers on your tables that will do additional work or validation every time data in the table is changed. This tutorial will teach you how to use triggers and give you some ideas about what they're good for.

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  17. 2 min read

    Better JSON Support

    In case you haven't heard, we're now Dolt 1.0 !. However, we're not finished. In this blog, we'll go over some recent improvements to Dolt's JSON handling. Additionally, I'll go through some examples of JSON handling to showcase the new functiona

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  18. 5 min read

    Announcing DoltLab v1.0.0, now backed by Dolt

    In early May we announced Dolt v1.0.0 , the first stable release of Dolt, signaling that Dolt is ready for production use. Shortly thereafter we revealed that DoltHub.com now runs on Dolt. In my previous blog post I explain how we transitio

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    7 min read

    Replicating Unexpected Behavior

    I'm an engineer at DoltHub , and for the past month, I've been working on matching Dolt 's regular expression capabilities with MySQL. This is important for us, as Dolt is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, that gives you all the versioning

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    4 min read

    Hosted DoltDB Launches Replicas

    Dolt is Git for Data. It's a MySQL compatible database with Git-style versioning and branching built in. We launched Hosted Dolt a little over a year ago and since then we've released additional metrics, improved logs, created a sql workbench,

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