9 min read

    So you want Database Versioning?

    Tim Sehn|

    Here at DoltHub, we've had a lot of success with our "So you want..." series of blog posts helping people find Dolt when they are looking for it. Dolt is a lot of things. Dolt is a version controlled database, a Git database, Git for data, data…

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    10 min read

    Achieving Efficient Version Control of JSON with Prolly Trees

    Last month we announced that we were making changes to how Dolt stores JSON documents , in order to make Dolt best-in-class for manipulating JSON within a SQL database. Today, we're going to explore exactly what that means, how we accomplished it...

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    8 min read

    Go range iterators demystified

    Introduction We're using Go to write Dolt , the world's first version-controlled SQL database. Like most large Go codebases, we have a lot of collection types that we iterate over. New in Go 1.23 , you can now use the range keyword to ...

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    4 min read

    Announcing DoltLab v2.2.0

    Today we're announcing the release of DoltLab v2.2.0 that contains some important new changes that make getting started with DoltLab much easier. This year our focus with DoltLab has been improving the first-time user experience. So far, we'v...

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    18 min read

    Three-way Merge in a SQL Database Examples

    As promised in Three-way Merge Opus , I've come with a plethora of examples of three-way merge in a SQL database. Dolt is the only SQL database to support three-way merge of both data and schema. Getting Started Start with the database w...

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    5 min read

    Quoting differences between MySQL and PostgreSQL, and converting between them

    Introduction We're hard at work building Doltgres , a Postgres-compatible database with git-inspired version control features. Doltgres is built on top of Dolt , which uses MySQL's syntax and wire protocol. Dolt has tens of thousands of t...

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  6. SQL
    5 min read

    Are Git Branches MVCC?

    Multiversion concurrency control (MVCC) is a technique relational databases use to avoid concurrent transactions blocking one another. This is how databases move beyond the performance limitations of two-phase locking . Most databases have conv...

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    9 min read

    Dolt to MySQL Replication

    Introduction Dolt DB is the world's first, and only, version-controlled SQL database. Dolt is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, so any tools or applications that work with MySQL will work with Dolt (if they don't... let us know so we can fix...

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    6 min read

    Why People Don't Use Dolt

    When you build a database from scratch , you hear a lot of reasons why potential customers choose not to use it. Dolt adds compelling Git-like version control features to the classic SQL database. These features are enough to get a lot of people…...

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    5 min read

    Update on pg_catalog Support in Doltgres

    It's our goal to make Doltgres , a Postgres-flavored version of Dolt , a drop-in replacement for Postgres. A few weeks ago Zach wrote a blog about our design dilemma for implementing the pg_catalog schema: should we diverge from Postgr...

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  10. GOLANG
    12 min read

    Writing generic collection types in Go: the missing documentation

    Introduction Go generics were released in Go 1.18, over two years ago. We're using Go to write Dolt , the world's first version-controlled SQL database, and while we have hundreds of thousands of lines of Go code, we haven't used generics v...

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    13 min read

    Getting Started with Dolt and Prisma

    Dolt is the world's first version controlled SQL database , offering full MySQL compatibility. This means that all tools you typically use with MySQL, including Prisma , work seamlessly with Dolt. Prisma ORM is an open-source toolkit desig...

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    5 min read

    How to set up AWS SES for DoltLab

    DoltLab is the self-hosted version of DoltHub that lets you manage and customize a web-based Dolt remote complete with pull-request style workflows for seamless database collaboration. If you're looking to try DoltLab for the first time,...

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  13. SQL
    3 min read

    Correctness Update

    Welcome back to another installment of Dolt's monthly correctness updates! Here's last month's update , in case you missed it. This month, a couple new Dolt customers came to us with a variety of issues; they uncovered panics, syntax errors, and ...

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  14. SQL
    11 min read

    Choosing a Database Schema for Polymorphic Data

    Designing a schema for your relational database is a daunting task that has long term implications for the database's performance, maintainability, and correctness. And it often requires making decisions before having a clear picture of the exact…

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  15. USE CASE
    3 min read

    Dolt + Threekit: Add Version Control to Your Application

    Dolt is a version controlled SQL database . How would you use such a thing? Are you building a data curation application for your customers? Are your customers asking for version control features like branches, merges, and diffs on the data ...

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  16. SQL
    8 min read

    Three Ways To Think About Channels

    One of Golang's steepest learning curves is how to use channels. At the practical level, channels are locked, buffered queues. Their API matches that of a queue, the implementation is a queue, and I find it easiest to write and read channel code...

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    3 min read

    Start earning achievements on DoltHub!

    Introducing Badges on DoltHub: Celebrate Your Milestones As DoltHub continues to grow, we’re excited to see more users actively engaging — creating databases, merging pull requests, and opening issues. Following our previous blog about ...

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    24 min read

    Three-way Merge in a SQL Database

    Dolt implements a Git-style commit graph on top of a Prolly-tree -based storage engine . This architecture makes Dolt the world's first and only version controlled SQL database . One of the major capabilities a version controlled SQL ...

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    2 min read

    Doltgres SQL Server Postgres Client Support

    Doltgres is a version-controlled, PostgreSQL-compatible database. This means any standard Postgres client should connect to the Doltgres server. Today’s blog shares an update on how far we are to support the standard Postgres SQL clients. We r...

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    14 min read

    Deep Dive on MySQL's Replication Protocol

    MySQL's replication protocol is widely used to help systems achieve high availability, load balancing, and data redundancy. The replication protocol was originally introduced waaaay back in 2000, and in the more than two decades since then, the…

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