Hosted DoltDB on Google Cloud Platform

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Dolt is a SQL database with Git-like features that allow for version control of data. Last year we launched Hosted DoltDB, a hosted platform for Dolt databases that offers a streamlined user experience and easy access to Dolt's powerful database and version control features. Today we're excited to announce that Hosted DoltDB now supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing users with even more options for where to host their Dolt instances.

What is Hosted Dolt?

There are many challenges with managing your own infrastructure. You need your instances to be secure, they need to be monitored, they need to be kept up to date, and if they go down you need to have an on-call operator to fix them. In the case of catastrophic failure, you need backups, and you need to restore your database from those backups.

Hosted DoltDB handles all of this for you. We take care of the infrastructure, so you can focus on your data and your applications. We provide a dashboard to manage your deployments. We provide metrics, monitoring, logs, backups, and if you have an issue you can create an incident, which will page our on-call engineers. We keep your instances up to date, and we also provide a workbench so you can edit your data and create pull requests through your browser.

At launch Hosted Dolt allowed you to create instances on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Today we are happy to announce that we are expanding our support to include Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Why GCP?

The main reason we are adding GCP support before other cloud providers is that our customers have requested it. Many of you want to use Dolt, but on the same cloud and region as where your other infrastructure is.

What can you do on GCP?

Today you can go to and create a new instance on GCP. You have the options of every instance type in the n2d family, with standard or ssd storage. At the moment instances are limited to us-west2, but we will be expanding that in the coming weeks, and if there are regions that you need, please let us know.

Hosted DoltDB GCP Pricing

Alternatively, if you want to move an existing instance from AWS to GCP, you can do that as well. Just go to the backups tab of your existing aws deployment, and select the backup which you want to create your GCP deployment from. You will be taken to the deployment creation page where you can change the cloud to GCP and select the specifications for your instance.

What's next?

We are constantly working on improving Hosted DoltDB. We will add more regions, improve the workbench, add replication, allow you to clone, tighter integration with dolthub remotes, allow you to clone and pull from your hosted databases directly. and many other exciting features. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know. We are always happy to hear from you. Go to and create your first instance today!



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