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Dolt is a database like no other. Dolt is a version controlled MySQL compatible database. In Dolt both your data and schema are managed with a Git-like commit graph which allows you to do things that you can't do with any other database (e.g. branch, commit, merge, diff, revert...).

Challenges of Trying Dolt for your Application Database

Standing up your own infrastructure to run a database is not difficult, but it does take time, and for small companies or individuals working on small projects it can get expensive. This investment may be worth it if you know the database you want to run, but if you just want to try a new database like Dolt the cost and effort could be prohibitive.

Hosted Dolt Makes it Easy

To decrease the amount of effort needed to run Dolt we introduced Hosted Dolt earlier this year. With just a few mouse clicks you can get a Dolt instance stood up for you which has monitoring, logging, backups, incident management, and is kept up to date with the latest Dolt releases.

Our New Trial Instances Make it Cheap

When we launched, the cheapest database was $460/month. Customers wanted a way to try out Hosted Dolt but not for that level of cost. To lower the cost barrier, Hosted Dolt now offers trial instance for $50 a month. For $50 you get a t2.medium running in EC2 with 50GB of storage. It has all the features of a regular Hosted Dolt instance, and you can even use our new SQL Workbench to read and write to your database from the web.

Trial Pricing

This is for anyone that wants to try out Dolt. These instances are perfect for developing applications against, or just testing what you can do with a version controlled database. There is no time limit for these instances. This isn't a 30-day trial. It's an instance perfect for trialing Dolt.

Why you Should try Dolt

As I said, Dolt is a database like no other. There are numerous Dolt features that you won't find elsewhere. For example:

  • Create branches of your data.
  • Merge changes you make with changes made by other people, and resolve conflicts using SQL.
  • Look at the state of the data a given commit.
  • Diff data between two commits or branches.
  • Revert the changes made by a commit.

I can't enumerate all the ways Dolt could make your application better. So you'll have to give it a try. Visit the Hosted Dolt website and get started today. If you have any questions, or just want to learn more come chat with us on Discord.



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