Hosted Dolt Launches European Deployment Regions

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We are excited to announce that Hosted Dolt, the fully managed SQL database with Git-style versioning, has expanded its offering to include European regions on multiple cloud platforms. With this expansion, Hosted Dolt users can now enjoy the benefits of hosting their databases closer to their application. We're pleased to offer European regions: eu-central-1 region in AWS and europe-west4 region in GCP.

We Build What Our Customers Need

Within the last week we've had two customers show up on Discord asking for European deployment regions. The first wanted GCP, and the second wanted AWS. We were happy to oblige. We always prioritize our customers' needs, and if there are things that you want from our products that you don't see, join us on Discord and let us know. We want to hear from you.

Creating Deployments In Europe

Creating a hosted deployment in Europe is as easy as selecting the cloud platform and it's corresponding European region. For AWS that is eu-central-1. Create an AWS Deployment in Europe

For GCP it is europe-west4.

Create a GCP Deployment in Europe

Migrating Deployments To Europe

If you want to move an existing deployment to Europe, you can do that by selecting the deployment, and visiting the backups tab. From there you can select "Create backup now", in order to capture the latest version of your database. After the backup completes you can select "Create new deployment from backup" from the dropdown menu next to the backup.

Create a backup

Upon selecting "Create new deployment from backup", you will be presented with a form to create a new deployment. Where you can specify which cloud platform and region you want to deploy to.

Data Compliance and Localization

It should be noted, that currently backups, metrics and logs are still stored in the US. We will be changing this in the near future. We will likely start by keeping backups in the same region as the deployment, and then move on to logs and metrics shortly thereafter. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us on Discord.


The expansion of Hosted Dolt's offering to European regions, including AWS eu-central-1 and GCP europe-west4, marks an exciting milestone. Whether you choose Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, you can now deploy fully managed hosted Dolt databases in Europe. Visit Hosted Dolt today to get started.



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