Thank you contributors!

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In today's blog, we're taking a moment to thank the open source community for all the code contributions, feedback, and bug reports we've received for Dolt and Go-MySQL-Server. 👏💜

We love working with our customers and hearing how they're using Dolt DB. It's always a highlight to see customers contribute back to help make Dolt better for everybody.

Thank you!

Recent Code Contributions

I want to start by calling out a couple recent code contributions we've received from the community:

  • dolt commit --amend – contributed by tanyongzhi. The ability to amend a commit to change the message or add additional changes is such a convenient feature in Git. We were stoked when Yong sent us a code contribution to add it to Dolt! Kudos to Yong for adding this feature to Dolt, as well as a few other nice contributions he's made recently (#4161, #4210).
  • Bug fix for dolt diff --limit – contributed by abmyii. When the limit option for dolt diff stopped working, Abmyii stepped up and sent us a pull request for the fix. Thank you for the contribution!
  • Bug fixes for date serialization – contributed by ryanpbrewster. Ryan helped us find and fix some regressions in date serialization when responses are sent over the wire (#1201, #1204). These were super important fixes and Ryan's clearly written and well-explained PRs are a great example for others to follow.

Big thanks to these contributors above as well as all the other contributors to Dolt and go-mysql-server over the years. It takes time and energy to contribute code changes and it can be challenging to jump into a new codebase. We really appreciate those contributions and the hard work that goes into them. 🙏

Ways to Contribute

Code contributions may be what most people think of when they hear "contribution", but there are many different ways to contribute and they are all extremely helpful and appreciated! For example:

  • Open issues to report bugs/gapsCreating issues for any bugs or errors you find in Dolt is hugely helpful for us. We pride ourselves on being responsive to customer issues and we greatly appreciate when customers let us know things aren't working correctly, so that we can track down the problem and fix it.
  • Contribute to documentation – Found a typo or a broken link in Dolt's documentation? Is something in the docs hard to understand? Send us an issue or a PR to the Dolt docs repo to help us improve the docs.
  • Contribute to the community – Join our Discord server and participate in the Dolt community there. Helping answer questions and providing feedback about your experience and use of Dolt is another great way to help.
  • Contribute Code – last, but certainly not least, contributing code or tests is another great way to contribute. If you want some ideas of where to start, check out the issues labeled "Good First Issue". We've blogged about how to contribute in the past and even made a short video earlier this year. The contribution guide section of the Dolt documentation also has a lot of good information in it on how to get started.

Thank you!

Thank you to everybody in the open source community who has opened issues, given us feedback, and contributed code back to Dolt. We wouldn't be where we are today without you!

If you want to discuss any contribution ideas or questions, or if you just wanna geek out over distributed, versioned databases, come by and talk to us on Discord.



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