Using the Dolt command line in SQL

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Dolt is git for data, the world's only SQL database that you can branch and merge, clone and fork, push and pull just like a git repository. It's like Git and MySQL had a baby.

To make dolt familiar, we gave it the same command line interface as git. So any command you know for git works the same for dolt, just on tables instead of files.

But what if you don't have a command line? What if you're connecting to a running Dolt server and want to use the version control features?

Dolt version control commands in SQL walkthrough

We have docs about how all this works, but sometimes it's easier to see how it all comes together than read about the pieces.

In this demo, I walk through a bunch of the most common and useful dolt commands and teach you how to use their SQL equivalents. It's pretty easy, and it's a quick watch. Fire up your terminal and follow along at home!

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