It's Time To Set Your Senior Engineer Free

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Make your Senior Engineers More Productive with Dolt

Operating on your database is a high risk because your application or even your whole company could go down. It only makes sense that senior engineers or experienced database administrators make changes to your database. Dolt gives you the technology to do rapid deployments and instant rollbacks for when there is a problem. If only your most senior people can work on your database, it's time to look for a better way. Watch this video to see if you should add Dolt to your stack!

Dolt is a version controlled database. With Dolt, you get all the convenience of Git-style source code control in your database, for both data and schema. Imagine your database supercharged with the ability to branch, merge, and rollback without any additional tooling. Dolt also makes diffing data easy. No more wondering how your data changed, when it happened, and what or who changed it. That's Dolt! Now imagine what you can build with Dolt.

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