Hey, what's up with all these videos?

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Hey there, everyone! My name is Kathleen, and this is my first blog. A year ago I started my journey as a software developer, after spending the last decade of my life in the entertainment industry. During that time I wore many hats; actor, writer, and editor. That third one ended up being the most important.

The Problem

As many of you know, working at a startup sometimes requires you to wear many hats too. DoltHub hired me as a software developer but also asked me to help make some how-to videos, which I was really excited to do. That's one bit of advice I'll always give to new devs, never hide your past. You never know what transferrable skills will help you stand out and land the job!

DoltHub has traditionally relied on written content, with this blog being a prime example. Once a blog is written, we then send it out to our other socials; Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit and we've been doing that consistently for two years now. Our engagement has been good on those platforms, and we were brainstorming ways to get more people to know about and use Dolt.

The Solution


We started by hiring a marketing company to make some videos of our CEO. Here's one of them:

We then decided we wanted to augment these videos with some how-tos and other engineer centric content, here's our first one!

First, the screen capture and voiceover are recorded by our very own Brian Fitzgerald using OBS Studio. Our hope is that over time, most of us at the office will record one, and it'll give you a chance to get to know us all a little bit better. Then, I edit these videos on DaVinci Resolve. When I first started I made sure to make a template of our intro, outro, and text plate so that when I get a new recording I can just drop it in and the work is halfway done.

Editing Process Gif

Our intro and outro were designed for us by The Beacons, and we've really enjoyed working with them. For our more curated videos, The Beacons took care of our music. For our how-tos, I used a royalty-free music site called dl-sounds. Once it's finished and approved, we post it on YouTube and then share that video on all our socials. Make sure to Like and Subscribe!

I remember during school, it was so useful to have both written and video content available to learn from. Some days I wanted the quiet and read to myself, other days I couldn't focus at all and really relied on the visual stimulation of video lectures to get my brain going. Both mediums have their merits, and we're really excited to be able to start bringing both to you now.

We're going to start posting roughly one video a week. Contact us if there are any other specific tutorials you want, or reach out to us on our Discord if you decide to start making your own! If you want to stay informed about what we're doing here at DoltHub, make sure to sign up for our mailing list.



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