Finding Dolt

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Finding Dolt

Dolt is a version controlled database. Dolt is the only database that offers complete Git versioning for data. Dolt databases are MySQL compliant but can be created and edited locally, replicated to remote servers, and incrementally improved with pull requests. Dolt is a database that you can copy and paste. Manage your data like code.

Dolt is the only version controlled database, so if that's what you are looking for, you are in the right spot. We are happy you found us! That also brings us to point of this blog. Namely, how do we make sure people find Dolt when they are searching for what Dolt can do.

This blog is going to explore search terms we think are relevant to Dolt, why we think the search is relevant, and where we place in a Google search. Your webpage ranking high in a search is a very obvious thing you want to happen. Figuring out how to grab someone's attention when they aren't necessarily looking for you is the real trick.

The Search Terms

We broke these down into four categories:

  • Search terms related to "git"
  • Search terms related to "version control"
  • Search terms related to use cases
  • Search terms related to features

dolt search


Dolt is like Git and MySQL had a baby. Any time someone is searching for Git and any data or database related term, we want to return a result.

Search Terms:

git for data, git database, git for databases, git sql, git mysql

How are we doing?

We are usually in the top 10 for Git for data, Git database and Git for databases but not so well for other terms. Here is a look at Git for data. Our average position since 06/08/2020 has been about 11, but we jump up to 5th if you shorten that time frame to the last 3 months. Tim wrote this blog which really helped us rank well for Git for data.

git for data chart

What's next?

We're feeling pretty good here. We may want to target "git database" next as we're currently ranked 11 over the last 3 months. We think that query shows a lot of intent to find Dolt. When we target a search term, that usually means a blog entitled "So you want a Git database" with a survey of all the relevant options in that space. Stay tuned.

Version Control

Dolt makes data version control very easy. Managing multiple versions of datasets is hard. Especially if you employ multiple data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, and software engineers all working with the same data. Why wouldn't you want versions of each person's work?

Search Terms:

data versioning, db versioning, data version control, schema versioning, dataset versioning, database version control

How are we doing?

Pat on the back time for database version control. Specifically, Tim's back after writing this blog. We have consistently ranked in the top 10 search results since 09/22/2021. Prior to that, we were lucky to be the 80th search result on Google. The other searches need improving.

database version control graph

What's the plan ?

We don't feel as comfortable here. More content will be coming for version control, data versioning, and schema versioning.

Use Cases

We can imagine a lot of use cases for Dolt. Dolt is the database for machine learning, sharing, version control, collaboration, and data ingestion.

Search terms:

machine learning database, data ingestion database, MLOPS database, collaboration database, version control database

How are we doing?

Not great, to be honest. We don't rank at all for machine learning database, sharing database, data ingestion, collaboration database. Version control database is our only winner right now.

What's the plan?

We are working on having use case specific pages to highlight why Dolt really shines for each of these use cases.


Dolt adds data lineage, collaboration, and time travel to the database.

Search terms:

data lineage, data collaboration, database rollback, database branching, database merging, data time travel

How are we doing?

Database branching is consistently in the top 10 and data lineage show up as the 50th result. The rest aren't very good at all.

What's the plan?

Better website copy hyping our features and more real world use cases. Our features will be exposed more too as we build the use case webpages.


To keep growing Dolt, we need to show up in searches we think are relevant. We are building an awesome database here but we are even more excited to see what others can build by using Dolt.

Moving forward, we are going to make more of an effort to rank higher on those searches and more. Maybe one day you will type database into a google search and will be the first result!

If you think we missed any good search terms, drop me a note or swing by our Discord to let me know.



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