Your Database Can Now Be Downloaded As CSVs

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For those new to Dolt and DoltHub, Dolt is Git for data. Git versions files. Dolt versions SQL tables. DoltHub is a place on the internet to share Dolt databases.

Recently we received a feature request from one of our customers asking us to support exporting tables as CSVs on DoltHub. DoltHub CSV Feature Request

One of our continuing goals for DoltHub is to make data and Dolt more accessible to those who don't know SQL or Git. Making CSVs of Dolt databases available to anyone, including non-Dolt users, seemed aligned with this goal, so we decided to prioritize this feature and it's available now!


Currently, the shortlist of features are:

  1. Download 200 rows of query results as a CSV file. Go to the options dropdown, then click "Download CSV". Download Query Result As CSV

  2. Download zip of tables as CSVs at a commit. Under the Commit Log tab, find the icon above the commit hash, and click it to download the zip file. Download Zip Of CSVs At Commit

  3. Download zip of tables as CSVs at a release. Under the Release tab, click "Download zip of tables as CSV". Download Zip Of CSVs At Release

  4. Download the tip of the current branch as CSVs. Go to the branches page, and click the zip file icon for downloads. Download Zip Of CSVs At Branch

It's simple to use!

What's next?

During this project, another customer jumped in and asked for downloads of individual table CSVs, and we're planning on making that feature available soon, you can follow the issue here. Feel free to let us know what features you want on Discord, or file a feature request on GitHub. We love your feedback!



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