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In October, we set out to hire more engineers to work on Dolt and DoltHub. Dolt is a SQL database with Git-like versioning and DoltHub is a place to share Dolt repositories. Since then, we added three engineers: Vinai, Remy, and Max. Welcome to all three!

All three new hires bring a blend of software engineering, data science, and machine learning experience. For now, Vinai is going to focus on core Dolt. Remy is going to focus on data bounties. Max is going to focus on doltpy and expanding the Dolt ecosystem into more tools.

We only have room for one more software engineer right now. So, we are narrowing our search. We are looking for a strong full stack engineer who can build beautiful things to work on DoltHub. DoltHub is a React app backed by a GraphQL server that calls a bunch of Golang GRPC services. We need someone to help Taylor and Katie make DoltHub the best place on the internet to access and share databases.

This role has more specific requirements than our previous generalist software developer roles. This blog post will explain those in an attempt to attract the right person for the job.

Full stack

DoltHub is a website designed specifically to discover, share, and edit Dolt databases. DoltHub is a React application backed by a GraphQL server that talks to a number of GRPC services written in Golang. The current iteration is the second iteration of the design. It was launched at the start of 2020.

The developers that focus on DoltHub spend the majority of their time implementing features across the full stack. For instance, Katie is working on DoltHub Issues right now. She started by implementing the service layer to create and edit issues. Once that was complete, she wired the service up to the front end web application and wrote that code as well. We do not divide work between "backend" and "frontend". Thus, we are looking for a full stack developer to work across the DoltHub stack.

React Experience

Since Dolt is written in Go and one of our cofounders, Aaron, has deep infrastructure experience, the thing we need most is someone to design and build on our React architecture. This is the first website Taylor and Katie built so they don't know what they don't know. We think if we had someone who built a couple mid to large scale React websites in the past, we'll avoid some of the common mistakes people make the first time they endeavor to build a React application.

With this experience, the person we hire will become the lead on the DoltHub team. So, an ideal candidate would be comfortable mentoring and teaching other employees to become great full stack developers.

Builds beautiful things

The final job requirement is a little bit tougher to find than the other two. The person we hire must be able to build beautiful things. In my experience, between one in twenty to one in thirty engineers can build stunning frontend experiences without the need for designer assistance. We have a contract designer but we think we can accelerate progress on DoltHub by finding someone who has a design aesthetic and can implement it. So, as part of the hiring process we will ask to see a website you designed and built.

Apply today

Does this sound like you? Apply on LinkedIn today. We generally get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions, hit us up on Discord. One of our team members is almost always there to answer questions. We hope to hear from you soon.



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