Collaboratively build, manage, and distribute structured data

  • Acquire datasets in a relational database format with a full SQL query interface in a single
    dolt clone
  • Collaboratively build datasets with other members of the DoltHub community using pull requests
  • Subscribe to data using
    dolt pull
    to receive changes from upstreams and make living data the default

Acquire data, schema, and query engine in one command


DoltHub hosts Dolt databases, and provides additional features on top of that. Dolt provides superior data management tools by treating changes to data with the same degree of care as source code in the Git model.

Every change to the data is associated with a commit, and commit data is surfaced in SQL allowing for programmatic diffing of data.


DoltHub allows users to collaboratively build databases. The Dolt data model used to manage updates provides the discipline for hygienically building data in a collaborative and decentralized manner.

The pull request model allows the owner of the dataset to accept and reject proposed changes, and potential contributors to provide updates.

Portable data format
Fully SQL-compliant RDBMS
Versions both data and schema
Secure cloud hosting of Dolt
Collaboration tools for RDBMS


Dolt is —and always will be—open source, free to use,
and free to distribute

DoltHub Basic

Free to use

  • Host public repositories and collaborate
  • Explore public datasets

DoltHub Pro


  • Create private repositories
  • Includes 100 GB/mo of storage
  • Each additional GB/mo is $1